New Puppy Introduction: If this is your first puppy and you are feeling a bit lost as to what to do, a trainer can come to your home and help answer all of your questions, get your puppy properly set up in its new space and learn about the best way to bond with your puppy while at the same time making sure to set the rules and boundaries right away.

Private Puppy Lessons: Private lessons in your own home that cover your basic obedience commands, relationship building and expert advice on housebreaking and house manners. These lessons are about an hour long using positive only food/treat based training. Pay per lesson or purchase a package deal.

Puppy Board and Train: Send your puppy to stay in a trainers home for a minimum of 2 weeks focusing on housebreaking (either crate training or wee wee pad training), along with teaching your pup the basic obedience commands. All basic obedience is done using positive only (food/treat based) methods. Your pup will also get to socialize with new people and other dogs. It is recommend that your pup be home with you for a minimum of 2 weeks before sending your puppy away. You want to build a relationship with your puppy and have enough time together to form a list of questions and concerns that the trainer can focus on during the program. Before your pup can enjoy this program, they MUST have a minimum of their first round of shots, dewormed and a clean bill of health from a vet.


The In Home Program is a package of private lessons at your own home. You want to think about this program as the trainer coming to your home and teaching YOU how to train your own dog. These are once a week, one hour lessons with daily homework for you to practice with your dog.  Each week, your dog will be taught a new command (or more) by the trainer and then be put in your hands to see how much you have learned during the lesson. The trainer will make sure you are comfortable with what was taught, make sure you are doing the work properly and explain in detail exactly what you need to do that week to keep your dog on the right path. The trainer will also bring other dogs to your lessons (once your dog is ready) so you can work around real life distractions. You can also request some lessons to be at a different location, in case you feel your dog needs to be trained in an environment that you frequent with them like a park or relative’s house. If you want to be involved in training with your dog and you think you have the time, patience and energy to do the necessary homework, then you could easily go with this program. This program can work with your average happy-go-lucky dog or a dog that may have specific behavioral issues such as fears, anxieties and/or aggression. This program is for dogs 6 months & older.


The Board & Train Program is a minimum of 2 weeks at the trainers home followed by 3 private lessons in your home to make sure everything gets transferred and explained correctly back to you. During their stay your dog will learn all of their basic 8 commands both on leash and off-leash, one-on-one, but most importantly around distractions such as other people, dogs, etc. It is much more beneficial for your dog to stay in a trainer’s actual home rather than a kennel or boarding facility. Your dog will have plenty of time hanging out in the trainer’s home, making their training much more realistic to their home life. They will be learning their house-manners while simultaneously learning their basic obedience. In the first week, your trainer will build a relationship with your dog, introduce the training method, and get your dog to clearly understand and comply reliably with all their commands. Once your dog is comfortable and reliable with their commands, your trainer will then start to slowly introduce distractions. They start with one dog or person and slowly keep increasing how many they work around. From there, once your dog is able to be controlled around distractions, your trainer will then start bringing your dog out in public for the more real world training. They will go to PetSmart, PetCo, Lowes, Home Depot, Strip Malls, and also to private lessons for other clients that might be on your trainers calendar. Once your dog meets their trainer’s obedience expectations, your dog will then go home. You will receive a 1-hour lesson (give or take) during the drop off so you understand what your dog has learned and how to maintain their training while your dog is home. You will also receive 2 more 1-hour lessons in the weeks following, so you can go over any issues or questions that may pop up once your dog is back home.

The board & train program may be extended by your request, based on your dogs behavioral issues, or if housebreaking is needed. The board & train is not all about work for your dog. They will get to play and socialize with other dogs that may be boarding with your trainer at the same time. Training your dog while it is out playing with other dogs is also a great way to build their off leash reliability, so play time is actually a very beneficial and necessary. This program can work with your average happy-go-lucky dog or a dog that may have specific behavioral issues such as fears, anxieties and/or aggression. This program is designed for people who may have very busy personal schedules, going away on vacation, or just have a more difficult dog that needs more dedicated daily training. This program is for dogs 6 months & older.



The Refresher Program is for Paw Pals clients whose dog’s training may have been put on the back burner due to life getting busy or just getting too comfortable with their dog to realize their training may have been slipping. Wether you have completed the in home or board & train program, you can sign up for whichever kind of refresher you’d like. You can either pay per lesson or purchase a refresher package. Your refresher can be done as an in home package or a board & train package. Contact Paw Pals for more details.


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